Links to free machine learning courses & tutorials

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Below are some links that have been shared by team members.  Please join our mailing list to get the latest recommendations!

General courses:
a. Stanford’s statistical learning (link here)
b. Google’s Machine learning class & hands on with Tensor flow (link here)
c. Neural nets with Hinton (link here)
d. Another Stanford Machine Learning course (link here) – note: this might not be free

Back Propagation:
a. Good high-level overview with a little math (link here)
b. More details than above (link here)
c. Semi-detailed video with math (link here)
d. Book chapter (link here)
e.  Great step-by-step exercise (link here)

a. Great walkthrough of Convolutional Network (link here)
b. Neural Style explained (link here)

NLP & Recurrent Neural Nets:
a. Word Embeddings & Shared Representations (link here)
b. Word Embeddings (link here)
c. Fun examples using Recurrent Neural Nets (link here)
d. Good tutorial on LSTM Recurrent Neural Net (link here)