• What is Machine Learning?!

    Join us at our next meeting and come find out!  Machine Learning is the use of data science techniques and computer algorithms to create systems that learn from data.  Example applications include self-driving cars, classifying cancer clusters, stock prediction, weather forecasting, image recognition, etc.

  • When and where do we meet?

    Our members come from all over the Charlotte Area.  Most of the meetups occur on Tuesdays in Davidson, NC (~20 miles north of uptown Charlotte) - either at our group sponsor (the Davidson Public Library) or Summit Coffee.  Sometimes we meet in other locations around Charlotte so make sure to visit Meetup to RSVP and get exact location/times.

    Throughout the week many members like to communicate on our Slack/Chat channel.  To join our Slack channel, please contact us here for an invite.

  • Who can join? Is it free?

    This group is open to everybody!  We host both intro and expert level topics.  For examples of past events click here.  Each event normally contains a social networking component as well.  Yes, it's free - we are happy as long as you are learning, teaching, inspired, and hopefully inspiring others 🙂


  • What is Slack?

    Slack is available from slack.com and allows our group members to communicate via real-time messaging (chat) and share files.  We have designated chat channels for general discussion, data-science competitions, group projects, machine learning news, etc.  We highly recommend that you join us!  Please contact us here for an invitation to our Slack channel.

  • What types of activities are there?

    Our meetings are generally split between (a) Presentation weeks  (b) Non-Presentation weeks.


    Presentation weeks tend to be monthly - click here for examples.  Most of our presentations are member driven (we believe teaching is the best way to learn), so if there are items you would like us to present or if you would like to present, please let us know!


    For non-presentation weeks, we are strong believers in hands-on work experience.  Many of our group members work on data-science competitions together (e.g. kaggle), participate in local hackathons, form study groups on machine learning topics, and work on personal and group machine learning projects.  Some of the non-presentation weeks are on meetup, but for the latest on them please contact us here to receive an invitation to our Slack channel.

  • Best way to learn about events and projects?
    1. Join our Meetup page to learn about and RSVP for planned events.
    2. For non-presentation weeks, Slack is the best way to communicate with us.  We use it to setup informal gatherings, data-science competitions, study groups, and group projects.  To receive an invitation to Slack click here.
  • When and who started this group?

    Phillipe Loher started the group in late 2015 and many members have helped the group grow and deliver more impact to the local community.  This is a member-driven group so we look forward to working with you!

  • Free online courses and tutorials?

    Click here for some of our online course and tutorial recommendations.  Most, if not all, of these are free!