Q4 Newsletter with announcement of 4 more presentations

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Summary below (more details here):

2017 News and Events

We are excited to bring you four additional free presentations to finish off 2017!  The presentations include learning the details of how computers can see and paint, how to build your very own Machine Learning car, and how to create an algorithm that learns to play a video game on its own without knowing the rules of the game.  This technology has applications in just about every industry including healthcare, finance, defense, and automotive.

In November we will be co-presenting with Google on state of the art vision and other machine learning technology.  We are especially excited about this presentation because our group competed world-wide on a Kaggle vision competition and ultimately created the hottest script that has been used to help Machine Learners around the world get started with computer vision, TensorFlow, and ConvNets.

Additionally, we have been asked to help host a Machine Learning breakout session for the Charlotte Chamber Technology Summit later this month.  This will be a great opportunity to spread awareness of our group across the Charlotte area business community.

In past news – in July and August our group had the privilege to present on Machine Learning to two wonderful organizations, the eSTEAM Club and A Friend A Village located in Gastonia and Charlotte.  Both of these organizations are dedicated to helping our youth become enriched in and learn about  technology.  To learn more about these organizations click here.

Lastly but most importantly – I want to give thanks.  This Machine Learning group is a free group ran by members for members.  Without the amazing support we get from our members in helping with group projects, study groups, and presentations, we wouldn’t be creating the impact we are today – thank you!

Phillipe Loher
Founder, Machine Learning Group