Machine Learning is the use of data science techniques and computer algorithms to create systems that learn from data (normally, lots and lots of data – Big Data).

Are you fascinated by how computers can discover important patterns in immense datasets? If so, this group may be for you!  Our group is free and open to everybody, regardless of skill level. Machine learning is changing just about every industry, from helping doctors fight cancer, enabling self-driving cars, making gadgets and robots smarter, to making better cooking recipes. Learn about and improve your data science techniques by joining our group.

Our Mission:
We are a free community based Machine Learning Group with a mission to inspire, advance knowledge, and promote hands-on experience in machine learning within our local community. We are part of LaunchLKN, a collaborative community of entrepreneurs, mentors, and community leaders dedicated to sharing knowledge and motivating growth.

What we do:
We host machine learning related presentations (see examples) and work together on data science competitions and projects. Most importantly we are a machine learning community where we network, knowledge share, and help each other.

How to join:
This group is open to anybody in the Charlotte area interested in machine learning! Please click here to join so we can send you an invitation to our Slack/Chat channel. RVSP to specific events by visiting our group on Meetup.

When and where we meet:
We usually meet on Tuesday evenings – please visit our  Meetup page for week-specific information. We often meet in downtown Davidson, NC (20 miles north of uptown Charlotte) either at our group sponsor (the Davidson Public Library) or Summit Coffee.